Smart. Sustainable. Trustful.

Smart Operations.

NautilusLog enables the global maritime industry to act transparently, sustainably and safely at all times.

The young technology company improves operational capabilities throughout the lifecycle of maritime assets at sea and on land.

The international experts unite partners of the maritime industry with data-based reporting and recommendations for action for a trustful cooperation.

From Ship to Shore.

Users of digital solutions from NautilusLog offer customers and partners at sea and on land safe ship operations through transparent documentation and trustworthy communication in real time.

With Smart Operations, digitally-connected innovators in the maritime industry ensure compliant behaviour on board, for cargo, during transport and in all relevant business processes.

With NautilusLog, customers and partners can rely on German and European data security as well as data use without media discontinuity and attractive digital services.

From Engine to Bridge.

NautilusLog enables the collection and provision, evaluation and assessment of maritime data with scalable products and digital services in the office and on board, on the bridge and in operations.

The maritime service provider integrates internally and externally provided networked sensors and actuators on machines and cargo within the framework of Internet of Things for evaluation with machine learning and active recommendations.

NautilusLog offers customers and partners a powerful cloud platform for data collection and provision, mobile applications for data access and evaluation and a digital logbook for future-proof business operations.

Connect to Collaborate.

The maritime industry is facing serious challenges due to national and international requirements to provide transparent documentation and operational processes in terms of environmental and social behaviour.

Small-scale processes, complex reconciliations and traditional business models make it difficult to comply with increasing regulatory requirements - multiplied by analogue data capture.

Missing data and lack of knowledge lead to blind spots and unknown risks in the networked business world. The result is increased costs due to more regulation and missed opportunities in an increasingly digital business world.

Open. Trustworthy. Collaborative.

Start With Your Needs.

NautilusLog offers a sophisticated hazardous substance management as a digital service - from the creation to the maintenance of the hazardous substance register (IHM) incl. the documentation of the ship in the stages of its life cycle and its components.

The automatic detection of hazards and their relevance based on networked, collected and evaluated data provides early warnings, active recommendations for action for crew and management, and as such safe operation for all involved.

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"The award-winning smartphone application and NFC tags of NautilusLog allow us to bag-and-tag the hazardous materials, making it more efficient and cost effective. Thanks to innovative technology, we now can generate reports within seconds and with no margin of error”.​ ​

SGS (Société Générale de Surveillance) Capt. Jos Geene​
Global Account Manager SGS IHM

“Your fresh view and concrete ideas help our industry a lot. You have listened and offer tailor-made solutions! You deliver flexible, exact and reliable! You are real work simplifiers. It is exciting to see how you are driving innovation in the shipping industry“.​

Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement Lennart Swoboda​
Project Manager F&I

"We at ZSM have considered the successfull compliance with the #IHM requirements as a chance to show our stakeholders and external authorities how such a topic can be handled in a cost efficient and transparent way with access to the right technology."

Zeaborn Ship Management Stefan Schindler
Senior Vice President Projects & Performance

“NautilusLog support our clients, providing a tool that not only simplifies their process but allows for a high quality and compliant IHM report to be delivered to us digitally. We are now able to check more reports with less inspectors, speeding up and simplifying the IHM certification process - a benefit to all stakeholders”.​

Korean Register ​Michael Suhr
Regional Director North Europe

"Our cooperation with NautilusLog reaches back some years and it has been a truly interesting and innovative journey so far. Together we have set new standards in managing IHM and IHM Maintenance. Working in this field for 15 years with a "quality-only" approach we have found an excellent counterpart in the fully dedicated team of NautilusLog. They enable us to digitise our know-how and increase efficiency of our services which is to the benefit of clients. We are looking forward to further expanding our bonds and becoming a full cradle to grave solution provider with NautilusLog.

GSR Services GmbH Henning Gramann

"NautilusLog certainly understands the requirements related to a maritime business. The co-operative established “IHM Maintenance” solution enables our fleet to work efficiently with external entities, while keeping total ownership of the data processed and enhancing the safety and security of our crews onboard".

Project Manager Fleetmanagement

"With the Nautiluslog application the entire IHM maintenance is compact and simplified not only in the office but also onboard our fleet. The implementation of the software was a smooth process and rolled out efficiently. We are pleased to have chosen Nautiluslog as a provider for IHM administration".

Anthony Veder Marielle Gehlert
Vessel Manager / Board member WISTA The Netherlands

A few years ago (2018...or so ), while i was still working as an Technical Superintendent @ Leonhardt & Blumberg, i had the pleasure to meet to the two Klemke Brothers in Person. We had some very interesting discussions about their visions and potential. Even when i left the Shipping company to work for Carl Baguhn, i still follow their success story. Digitalization is being widely used as a Buzz Word only, it´s company´s like Nautilus Log, living it. I can tell you, that even without being a part of your teams, that whenever i talk to colleagues about digitalization i will tell them about Nautilus Log, and that they should consider to get in touch with them.

Carl Baguhn GmbH & Co. KG Sascha Spörl
Technical Director